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It's true - We Buy Ugly Houses (also known as HomeVestors of America) buys ugly houses for cash, and you probably wonder why in the world we would want ugly houses. It's simple - we want to help people get out of ugly situations.

While we buy homes that many may consider ugly, the important thing to keep in mind is that many of these homes are only cosmetically ugly and just need a little updating or repair. There are many homes like these out there in older, established neighborhoods that are ideal for first time home buyers or young families, but may need a little sprucing up first.

We're home buyers who buy ugly houses or homes that are in need of extensive renovations as well. This includes homes with structural issues that will be in perfect condition after a full renovation.

We buy homes that are also considered ugly because they've put the homeowners in ugly situations. We Buy Ugly Houses can help a homeowner out of ugly situations like inheriting a house they can't afford, needing to liquidate assets due to divorce, wanting to get out of a home with bad memories, facing undesirable mortgage terms, and more.

Washington DC Home Buyers

We're home buyers who know many homeowners just want to sell their house quickly in "as is" condition. That's why we only make fair cash offers on homes in as is condition so you don't have to repair, renovate, replace, fix, paint, or even clean your house to sell it to us.

Sell Your House, Get Cash Fast

Selling a house the traditional way is really hard in today's market. You have potential home buyers going through your home at inconvenient times, have to deal with property appraisals, home inspections, and mortgage approval hassles that can take weeks or even months, and you have to make repairs, paint, and clean until your home sparkles (and keep it clean throughout the entire home buyers process). Many times you'll even have to wait until your buyer can sell his home so he can buy yours.

These are all other reasons why we buy homes, condos, duplexes, townhomes, multitenant buildings, and some commercial property from sellers who want to avoid all of these hassles by selling their home as is to a home buyer like We Buy Ugly Homes DC willing to pay cash and closing costs.

We Buy Ugly Houses in the Washington DC Area, including Maryland & Northern Virginia

We Buy Ugly Houses pays cash for houses throughout the Washington DC metro area, including:

  • Arlington, VA
  • Fairfax, VA
  • Frederick, MD
  • Fredericksburg, VA
  • Jefferson, WV
  • Loudoun, VA
  • Montgomery, MD
  • Prince George's, MD
  • Prince William, VA
  • Stafford, VA


Washington DC, like any large city, has a great variety of neighborhoods. The city itself offers a number of old, stately neighborhoods with great walking amenities and local businesses and character, while further out in the suburbs, you can find the classic cul-de-sac drives and large, well built homes that are usually at most a 20 minute drive from everything downtown has to offer. But when it comes to raising your kids, which neighborhoods really offer the most?

Excellent schools are the name of the game in Capitol Hill. The district has garnered such a great reputation that even in-boundary parents have begun to find themselves scrambling to find a slot for their kids in the local classrooms. While the home listings can run into the millions, there are plenty of cheaper, quality choices to be found, especially in the younger area towards Pennsylvania Ave SE and Barracks Row.  The night life also thrives in this area, with a number of long standing 'institutions' of drink dotting the streets.  This area is truly one of DC's up and comers.

A large number of the city's finest private schools are located in this prestigious neighborhood. And while the public schools might not quite measure up, they do generally perform well among the district. Georgetown also boasts a large and varied selection of shops and restaurants, including Michel Richard's Citronelle, one the most famous, and best reviewed fine dining restaurants in the city. The neighborhood also practically drips in history and beautiful architecture.  All this, however, comes at a price. Georgetown is probably the most expensive place to live in the city, with two bedroom homes starting at $1 million dollars, and sky rocketing from there.

Dupont Circle is a great community for new families. The kid population in this neighborhood is practically bursting through the roof, and finding play dates for your youngsters will be pretty easy to come by. The dining options here are robust, from the highest of high ends to more modestly priced options, and the ethnic food found here is second to none. The night life also hoops, with a charming gallery district and the more traditional happy hour joints as well. Dupont Circle, however, is also expensive.  Call it urban living at its best, but expect to start at half a million, and it goes up from there.

This is a are of the city seemingly custom built for families, with excellent schools, safe streets, the National Zoo, a library, and generally friendly neighbors. Add to that mix some truly exemplary restaurants and bars, and this area can be seen to offer something for everybody. Prices are a little more reasonable here as well, but an average three bedroom house in this area can still range up to $1 million.

This neighborhood offers a great diversity, both in housing choices and the local population. Houses here are large, cheaper than nearby areas, offer sizable yards, and a 15 minute metro ride into downtown.  The architecture as well, has character, and gives the neighborhood a generally pleasant vibe. The schools are not, however, as good as those found the richer areas of the city. However, the price is right for new families starting off, with listings starting at $250,000, and the average four bedroom priced at $659,900.

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  4. You're not obligated in any way to accept our franchisee's cash offer, but if you decide to accept the offer we'll set up a closing date fast. It usually takes seven days or less for us to complete closing and buy your home.

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